A trip to Poland, Iran and China

A trip to Poland, Iran and China

First term of Carter’s presidency wasn’t very good. He wasn’t dynamic guy. Brzeziński told him to take a trip around the world, to show people that he care about the world and America is different now. First of all, he was supposed to go to Poland, but not as Gerald Ford or Nixon in 1972 did it. Brzeziński told Carter to visit the monument of Polish Domestic Army, to the Nike’s monument and all these things which represents the Polish nation. Russians are not going to like it, but Poles will understand all of these symbols. Vance said it would provoke USRR. What is more Brzeziński told Carter to meet with cardinal Stefan Wyszyński. It didn’t happen, but Brzeziński snuck out, took NYT photographer and reporter and took Rosalynn Carter to Wyszyński. Carter came to Poland on the last day of 1977. It means a lot, because he was visiting Polish nation, not government. After that visit, lots of change, people like Geremek got visas to USA. In 1978 flying universities started to work.

Carter and Brzeziński, beside that, went to Iran. Everything was supposed to going well. They went to Shah’s New Years Eve party. (it is going to be continued later)

The first argument between Brzeziński and Vance about foreign policy outside the Europe, was the Africa. There was a war between Somalia and Ethiopia. Ethiopia was a strategic state in Africa. Russians were interested in this country, because they wanted to intimidate governments in oil producing region. Brzeziński wanted USA to do something about it, but the whole administration didn’t agree. This almost ripped Carter’s administration up.

In 1977 Vance went to China. New leader of China was Deng Xiaoping and he wanted to deal with USA. China is not ideological any more. But Vance didn’t do anything. In May 1978 Brzeziński went to China. Chinese wanted to talk about Taiwan and Brzeziński agreed to this. (In “Newsweek” appeared a title: “A New Cold War!”). China and USA normalized their relations.

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